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Everest Base Camp Trekking
Mount Everest base camp trekking is the life time challenge in the history of a person. As this trek is also said as the cultural tour as Nepal is rich in its unique culture and traditions. Everest base camp trek ranges at an altitude of 5365 meters and the close view of the different smaller peaks. On the way to the Mount Everest base camp trek the trekkers have to pass steams, river, snowy paths which will be the glorious moment. Beside Mount Everest trekking there are many other trekking destinations in Nepal. Mount Everest base camp trek is said to be as the world topmost expeditions. Trekking to the Sherpa villages and watching their cultures will be the cultural trekking. Local festivals of Nepal is also the another part which will be exciting during the journey to the Mount Everest base camp trekking. The trekkers have to hire a porter while on the way to carry their loads. Mainly the trekking routes will be off road so the vehicle will be not on the way. Mainly porters and the living vehicles like yaks and donkeys carry the loads of the trekkers. Everest base camp trekking will be a short trek with a scenetic view of many mountains and peaks. Trekkers on the way find many Buddhist monasteries and monuments. Respecting to the Buddhist monks by saying Namaste will be the preferable in the trekking. Some rules and regulations should be followed while trekking to the Mount Everest .
Everest Trekking YouTube video
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